Elderly Care

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Phone Number646-647-8846


Address135 Vanderbilt Avenue, ground floor, Staten Island, 10304, NY, US
135 Vanderbilt Avenue, ground floor
Staten Island


Welcome to New Vanderbilt Rehab & Care Center – your ideal choice for sub-acute post hospital care, respiratory services & specialized long-term nursing care.

Our expansive state-of-the-art facility offers 24 hour skilled nursing, world class ventilator care, comprehensive rehabilitation and specialized services following a hospital stay.

Team of highly trained Respiratory Therapists work seamlessly with our Pulmonary Physicians. Gerontologist visits floor 5 days a week. Bedside rehab with OT’s and PT’s. Patients are ambulated frequently to maximize stamina and maintain muscle tone. Patient is an integral part of his own care – generating much positive energy and trust.

Individualized weaning program are developed for best patients outcomes. Once a patient is off the respirator, the next step involves the removal of the tracheostomy tube. This is only done after close observation establishes the viability of the patient’s medical status. Skilled intervention concentrates on strengthening & reconditioning through a program of decannulation and progressive rehabilitation.

When the trach is gone, patients are moved to our step down unit where they receive continuous care and monitoring in our step down program. We are proud to send many of our patients back to the comfort of their own home.


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